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Entire Bible Song

from Blessed to Bless by Tim Sean

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Nathan Guilford on Dobro and harmony vocals.

The capstone for our four-year Biblical Survey is to convey the story-arc of the entire Bible. This is for those 8th graders, for whom a tune like this might help. Can't really see any other purpose for a song like this.


The Entire Bible Song
by Tim Sean

(D) Creation, the (Em) Garden, the Fall, the (C) Flood, the Tower of (D) Babel
(D) Mytho-Poetic (Em) tales that (C) show us who we are
(D) Conceives of a (Em) culture that will (C) one day bless all (D) people
(D) Abram and (Em) Sarai wait for (C) years to have a son

(D) Isaac and Re(Em)becca pass this (C) Vision Quest to (D) Jacob
(D) Fighting for (Em) blessing, wrestles (C) God, Israel wins
(D) The family (Em) grows until it (C) follows Joseph (D) southward
(D) Living in (Em) Egypt til the (C) slavery settles in

(C) Four Hundred years (G) later (Em) Moses draws them (D) homeward
(C) Back to (G) Canaan Land after (Em) 40 years (D) at bay
(C) Given the (G) pathway, the hala(Em)cha, to build this (D) culture--
(C) A Kingdom of (G) Priests that will (Em) bless the world one (D) day

(D) Joshua, the (Em) savior, leads them (C) back into land of (D) Canaan
(D) Keep yourself (Em) separate from the (C) Canaanite melay
(D) The up and down (Em) spiral of the (C) Judges (worst book ever) (D)
(D) Gideon, (Em) Samson and (C) Deborah’s-faithful-days

(D) The people (Em) ask for a king, want to (C) look like the other (D) nations
(D) Saul is (Em) chosen, but he (C) goes around the bend
(D) David the (Em) shepherd boy, (C) anointed to replace him (D)
(D) He will unite(Em) the tribes, and (C) build Jerusalem

(C) David is the (G) archetype for a (Em) King who will reign (D) forever
(C) Prophet, (G) Priest and King for the (Em) nations held at (D) bay
(C) David’s (G) House will be (Em) established now and (D) forever
(C) A Kingdom of (G) Priests that will (Em) bless the world one (D) day

(D) Solomon (Em) starts off wise but (C) power and money corrupt (D) him
(D) Building temples (Em) for his wives, that old (C) Canaanite melay
(D) The Kingdom (Em) splits, corruption (C) reigns both north and (D) southward
(D) The prophets (Em) raise their voice for (C) justice in their day

(C) Assyria, then (G) Babylon, then (Em) Persia have (D) dominion
(C) From the House of (G) David a child (Em) will be born some (D) day
(C) Wonderful (G) counselor, (Em) suffering servant (D) coming
(C) Messiah of all (G) Messiahs: (Em) prophet, priest and (D) king

(C) Born in a (G) stable to Mother (Em) Mary and Father (D) Joseph
(C) Rabbi, (G) healer, lamb who (Em) takes on all our (D) sins
(C) The final (G) sacrifice to (Em) finish all the (D) Trouble
(C) Incarnate in (G) Jesus, God’s (Em)Presence til the (D) end.
(C) In Jesus, the (G) blessing of (Em) Abraham, is (D) met


from Blessed to Bless, released January 1, 2017
Nathan Guilford on Dobro and harmony vocals.


all rights reserved



Tim Sean Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tim Sean writes and plays Americana music with occasional splendid help from all sorts of friends in Oklahoma City.

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