Practice Resurrection

by Tim Sean

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released February 10, 2009



all rights reserved


Tim Sean Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tim Sean Youmans is an Episcopal Priest and banjo player in Oklahoma. He lives in Oklahoma City with his wife and son, and teaches religion at Casady School in Oklahoma City.

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Track Name: Practice Resurrection
by Tim Sean

it's been written into history, spoken in the air
fashioned into stories about what you think is so unfair
the protest, the polemics, obsession spoke in code
jesus, long long ago

you can be born into truth, raised in its comfort
two thousand years removed (so make him what you want)
it helps to speak a little louder, helps if you'll be a bit bold
jesus, long long ago

practice resurrection
forget what you have sown
take a path of much resistance
jesus, long long ago

i can give four good examples of crisis in my life
illuminating mystery, and clarifying mine
its a language for suffering, grammar for the soul
jesus, long long ago
Track Name: Pretty Good Time
by Tim Sean

we will have a pretty good time, let my life shimmer and shine
the teenage heart wants to laugh, turn around and it wants to cry
jesus asks me, "what do you want?" and I think I want to be happy
but I must give my life away, play my part in this salvation

we will have a pretty good laugh on the warm red-dirt road
sleepy silly in the old vans (and my friend, she just knows)
jesus asks me "where'd you go?"
seems I choose to always be distracted
i am spirit but it scares me so; give me grace, but keep me fearful

we will have a pretty good life, guard your heart and keep you balance
rise up for what could lie ahead, a natural high in what we could become
jesus said "go sin no more, look around, who's left to condemn you.
they can't judge you, nor will I. please just try."

we will have a pretty good time, please be safe in all the righ ways
we'll find there's so much to give up and in that so much to gain
remember god in the days of youth before you tire and grow weary
and we will have a pretty good time as our lives shimmer and shine
Track Name: October
by Tim Sean

i've learned to speak
out of both sides of my mouth (makes me weak)
makes me think i can maintain this fragile peace
blessed are you when you try

the table once was set,
the holy book, it sat regal at the head
and the others, they sat right and to left
always talking past each other

october, you must learn to hold me differently
my table, if I am able, will be round now to facilitate new needs

i know that you think
that we share the same language when we speak
oh, my disposition might just mislead you
(i'm not as friendly as you imagine)

will i make it to the end?
or will the structures come crashing down on my head?
will i get to re-imagine
what God said to me, now that I am older?
Track Name: The Sasquatch Song
by Tim Sean

I got lost in a million years of pain
somewhere musta fell behind so i ran away
what, when, how and why are still so hard to say
tell me of your beauty, i'll tell you of my pain

tracks so large i can't cover up my trail
yes i try to hide but i always fail
light of the glenn or the shadow of the hill
there is no place God is not, moving fast or standing still

i would like to know how this story starts
tracing back my family tree ten thousand years
(ten million years)
all the smooth-faced creatures act as if they know
they chase me with black boxes, chase me with their guns
chase me with imagination just make it fun

ancient dark, God spoke and it did start
hiss, spark, fizz, boom, great big bang, elemental chart
dust to dust, let the meaning rise above
a little lower than the angels, made in the image of God
Track Name: Mulligan
by Tim Sean

i know why they dreamed up heaven
this religion of such kindness
and i know why jesus has hung around
for such an unreasonable amount of time
you chase them all throughout your datebook
the deadlines you must keep
refuse to lower your expectations
then find unhealthy ways to sleep

wouldn't it be fine if you let it go
if you didn't have to show

as though this time it does not matter
as though in this moment you get a free ride
as though all your questions can stay unanswered
and all your debt stays unreconciled
wouldn't that be fine

i've always wanted to find perfection
in this trade that i finally chose
but the terrain is always shifting
i can feel it cracking between my toes
because life can weigh just a little heavy
keeping up with these floating trends
just exactly what kind of fiction
do you cope with in your head?
Track Name: Early Morning
by Tim Sean

early morning can shape your lifetime
its quiet deference, its warming sunshine
turn the pages and heed the warnings
those gentle graces might just be forming

because its about time I made a change
i've been putting it off too many days
it's really too bad i'm stuck with myself
i'd like to get away and meet someone else
maybe find some way to get born again
lord, i'm so tired of getting tired

i'll stat walking and let my mind wander
no more talking or passed down formulas
Track Name: Oh, That I Had a Thousand Voices
Words by Johann Mentzer
Tune by Tim Sean

Oh, that I had a thousand voices
To praise my God with thousand tongues!
My heart, which in the Lord rejoices,
Would then proclaim in grateful songs
To all, wherever I might be,
What great things God has done for me.

O all you powers that he implanted,
Arise, keep silence now no more;
Put forth the strength that God has granted!
You noblest work is to adore.
O soul and body, join to raise
With heartfelt joy our maker’s praise.

You forest leaves so green and tender
That dance for joy in summer air,
You meadow grasses, bright and slender,
You flowers so fragrant and so fair,
You live to show God’s praise alone.
Join me to make his glory known.

All creatures that have breath and motion,
That throng the earth, the sea, the sky,
Come, share with me my heart’s devotion,
Help me to sing God’s praises high.
My utmost powers can never quite
Declare the wonders of his might.

Creator, humbly I implore you
To listen to my earthly song
Until that day when I adore you,
When I have joined the angel throng
And learned with choirs of heaven to sing
Eternal anthems to my king.
Track Name: Long Slow Fade
by Tim Sean

cast aside the bottle, it'll never help you find your way
take your lips off the cold rim and lean into your pain
lean your head just so back and look up at the stars
in the heat there is a cool breeze (notice where you are)

in 100 years there will be nobody who knows your name
even then, just the facts ma'am, your personality fades
write it down on a bright page, which fiction do you choose?
similarity to real life but with so much more to lose

i'm a long slow fade
i'm still find that i'm changing but I'm not allowed to say
and this language game that we're playing
it doesn't allow for upgrades
i'm a long slow fade

here's a guide a for practice
someone's story from so long ago
and a formula to plug it in, a hermeneutical fashion show
square peg in round hole, travel the long way round
are we really that stupid? yes. oh yes

I still find that i'm changing
Track Name: Suspension of Disbelief
by Tim Sean

often i suspend my disbelief for God and his own tale
like a movie star i see up on the screen
whom i will care for till the bitter end
the villain for my own taste is tempered with some good
vilified by things he was denied
denied by the easy road
denied the angry roads
denied by the comfort of a lie

often i suspend my disbelief for christ, whom i have known
scripted in the recess of my mind
still his courage i seldom show
i'm weighted down with ancient laws and codes i cannot break
weighted down, simplified
simplified by the easy road
simplified by the angry roads
simplified by the comfort of a lie

tonight i will entertain my disbelief
yes tonight, but just for a while
and the movie star i will see behind the scenes
where he lives, barely getting by
the hero for my own taste is tempered with some doubts
been denied three times tonight
denied by our easy road
denied our angry roads
that codified the comfort of our lies
Track Name: I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
Words: Horatio Bonar, 1846
Tune: Tim Sean

I heard the voice of Jesus say,
"Come unto me and rest;
lay down, thou weary one, lay down
thy head upon my breast."
I came to Jesus as I was,
so weary, worn, and sad;
I found in him a resting place,
and he has made me glad.

I heard the voice of Jesus say,
"Behold, I freely give
the living water; thirsty one,
stoop down and drink, and live."
I came to Jesus, and I drank
of that life-giving stream;
my thirst was quenched, my soul revived,
and now I live in him.

I heard the voice of Jesus say,
"I am this dark world's light;
look unto me, thy morn shall rise,
and all thy day be bright."
I looked to Jesus, and I found
in him my Star, my Sun;
and in that light of life I'll walk
till traveling days are done.